Search and Inspection Camera with 5m Pole

Inspection and Search Camera

Safely search beneath the water surface

The versatile Inspection and Search Camera attaches to our long-reach telescopic rescue pole allowing you to find the object of your search from a safe distance. 

  • Bright LED light to illuminate murky water
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • Easily view object of search on clear, 7” display
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Uses and Applications 

Reach and Rescue’s versatile Inspection and Search Camera has multiple applications including: 

  1. Submerged casualty body searches 
  2. Hidden weapon searches and for security checks in hard-to-reach locations by Police and Military Services – such as on rooftops or underneath vehicles. 
  3. The Inspection and Search Camera is used in checks by HM UK Border Control to inspect incoming and outgoing haulage and the hulls of sea vessels in water.
  4. Reach and Rescue’s Inspection and Search Camera has been successfully used by police to locate a murder weapon and to carry out security checks ahead of a G8 Summit in Northern Ireland.
How to Use 
The sleeve fitting is designed to slide over the pole top fitting, which secures it in place using a double sprung button mechanism.
Maintenance and Precautions 
The sleeve fitting should be regularly tested on the pole top fitting, as damage will prevent the attachment from fitting securely.

The Inspection and Search Camera has a multitide of real-life success stories: from recovering stashed weapons to finding missing hikers – all whilst keeping operators safe. Read the success stories now.

Body Recovery System

The solution to rescuing and recovering submerged casualties
Body Finder System
Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service working with the Reach and Rescue Body Finder in a canal lock

Locate and retrieve in one efficient action. The Body Recovery System combines the Inspection and Search Camera with a body retrieval attachment such as the body hook, allowing you to swiftly recover the person as soon as they’re located. 

Get in touch to arrange a free trial of the Inspection and Search Camera with Body Recovery System Attachment.