7 Years of Search Camera Success

7 Years of Search and Inspection Camera Success

Join us in celebrating the innovative search and inspection camera attachment’s 7th birthday!  Since its launch back in 2012, the search and inspection camera has grown into an indispensable tool for successful search and rescue missions.  We’re immensely proud that it is used by Police forces, the military, SAR teams and border forces nationwide.  What better way to honour such a legendary workhorse on its milestone 7 years than by highlighting our favourite real-life scenarios in which it has been deployed successfully.

Murder Weapon Found Using Search Camera Underwater in a Double Murder Investigation

In an investigation to find evidence of a double murder, a Kent Police Specialist Search Team discovered a knife resting on a riverbed using the Reach and Rescue 17m telescopic pole and with the Underwater Search and Inspection Camera attached.

A drone was used initially to survey the stretch of the River Stour in Fordwich.  After the particular location was chosen, the search team deployed the rescue pole with search camera attached with success; the murder weapon was successfully located and retrieved from the river with the work undertaken with the camera resulting in a conviction and sentencing.  Plus, numerous police hours were saved through negating the need for a costly specialist dive team – and the Police search team didn’t have to risk entering the water themselves.

Police Using Search and Inspection Camera for Weapon Recovery Assess the Riverbed with Search Camera Screen


Search and Inspection Camera Finds Missing USA Tourist in Norway

On the 3rd of August, the River Rescue Group from the Red Cross Rescue Corps were deployed to Hivjufossen in Norway on a mission to search for an American tourist who had disappeared in the adjacent river a few days earlier on July 24th.

Search and Rescue Team Search for a Missing Person in a River

In a demanding operation at the base of the ferocious waterfall, operatives from the Rescue 3 Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Technician team relied on the cameras ability to scour beneath the water’s surface without the risk of entering themselves.  The end result was a successful operation as the team recovered the missing tourist’s body thanks to the assistance of the Reach and Rescue Pole and Search Camera.


Dorset Police Use Reach and Rescue Underwater Camera to Search for Missing Person

Below is a tweet from Dorset Police’s specialist marine policing team.

Using underwater camera @ReachandRescue looking for possible missing person, nothing located. Enquiries continue. pic.twitter.com/iJ5TftJkVe

— Dorset Police Marine (@DorsetMarine) February 26, 2017

The Dorset coastline represents the Maritime and Coastguards Agency’s (MCA) busiest area in terms of search and rescue incidents and the Poole lifeboat is the most tasked lifeboat in the country.  Having the search and inspection camera as part of their daily equipment has proved to be an invaluable resource.


Cheshire Search and Rescue Take Action to Locate Body in 10m Deep Well

A search operation to locate a body was carried out in March 2017 by Search and Rescue personnel in Cheshire.

Using the Search and Inspection Camera in a Hole in the Ground

With the assistance of the camera attachment, the SAR team finished their mission a lot quicker and safer than usual – the camera negated the need for police officers to enter the well themselves. Through utilising the camera’s ability to beam pictures back to the LCD screen, the team avoided any potential risk of falling down the 10m deep well.

The Inspection Camera’s LED function illuminated the well so their visibility was exceptional; no search technician had to enter the well with a torch as they could see all the images on screen in detail.

The mission ended with no body found, concluding their search efforts quickly saving vital man hours.


Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) Utilise Search Camera in Huge G8 Summit Security Operation in Northern Ireland in 2013

Northern Ireland’s G8 summit was billed as one of the largest policing operations the country has ever seen; 5,000 PSNI officers were joined by 3,600 other officers drafted in from police forces from across the UK along with military and private security firms all in an effort to protect the world leaders during their stay in the area from the heightened threat of terrorism.

PSNI Utilise Search Camera in Huge G8 Summit Security Operation in Northern Ireland 2013

As part of the security operation, police officers utilised the search and inspection camera to scour the buildings and rooftops surrounding Lough Erne Resort throughout the 6-week operation leading up to the event.   With prior reports of an abandoned car bombintended for detonation at the resort during the G8 summit, the search and inspection camera proved a vital piece of equipment in confirming the area free of any explosives stashed out of view.


UPDATE 01/09/2020

York Rescue Boat Safely Locate Submerged Vehicle in Multi-Service Operation

York Rescue Boat search for submerged vehicle with Inspection and Search Camera

The team at York Rescue Boat were called to the scene of a rather surprising report of a submerged vehicle in the River Ouse in York. Their task was to work with North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service to locate the underwater car and record its exact location.

Once located, the team was then able to use the Inspection and Search Camera to confirm how the car had settled; whether on its roof or its wheels and if it was in a stable position for recovery. The subsequent footage recorded by the camera proved instrumental in helping incident commanders assess the risk of recovering the vehicle.

Submerged vehicle successfully recovered from river after search by York Rescue Boat


The Search and Inspection Camera – How it Works

Reach and Rescue’s versatile Search and Inspection Camera has multiple applications such as body searches, weapon searches and for security checks on people, locations and vehicles by Police and Military Services.  Security Officers from factory plants inspect the exterior of incoming and outgoing haulage whilst Her Majesty’s Border Force use the camera attachments to search the hulls of sea vessels coming into harbour.

Here is our demonstration video giving a comprehensive overview of how the system works.

Find more information on the search and inspection camera here: https://reachandrescue.com/inspection-and-search-camera


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Read about the real-life rescue to save a member of the public from drowningin the River Great Ouse in Bedford.

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