Terms & Conditions of Sale

Terms and Conditions of Sale

  1. Any faulty goods must be returned to Reach and Rescue Ltd before we send out any replacements. The carriage for this is at the customers expense and proof of delivery is required. Once evaluated (within 24 hours of receipt), the replacement item, if in stock, will be sent out at the customers expense. If it is urgent that a replacement is sent quickly then a payment will be taken until the faulty item is received. The payment is then refunded if it is a legitimate claim.
  2. Reach and Rescue Ltd cannot accept any liability for any consequential loss incurred by clients due to faulty goods supplied. Reach and Rescue Ltd will undertake to replace any goods in the shortest time period possible, or supply equivalent quality goods accordingly.
  3. Reach and Rescue Ltd cannot accept liability for goods delivered to third party addresses or goods left in unsecured locations. All goods should be signed for accordingly and Reach and Rescue Ltd will deliver to nominated secure addresses accordingly at client request.
  4. Clients are responsible for checking delivery items for damage or missing items. Subsequent claims cannot be entertained.
  5. Prices and specifications in this price list are subject to change without prior notice.
  6. Delivery is either by using customers courier or our own. The delivery times can be different depending on budgets and different delivery packages paid for.
  7. Wear and tear is not covered under any warranty arrangement supplied by Reach and Rescue Ltd and the assessment of suspected wear and tear damage must be carried out by Reach and Rescue Ltd at Reach and Rescue Ltd factory premises.
  8. We reserve the right to alter designs in all of our products specifications.
  9. Items that show they have been forcefully broken or damaged by impact or excessive force will not be covered under any warranty arrangement. The items will have to be sent back to Reach and Rescue Ltd at the customer’s expense for assessment before a replacement is authorised.
  10. Any modification to equipment supplied by Reach and Rescue Ltd and not authorised by Reach and Rescue Ltd, automatically invalidates any warranty supplied by Reach and Rescue Ltd to cover goods supplied.
  11. When credit / debit card details are taken for the payment of an item this payment will be processed immediately even if the goods have not left our premises. The card details are then destroyed for security reasons.

Warranty Specification

We want you to have complete confidence in every product you buy from us. So we think the best way for us to give you that is by standing by our product promise for as long as you have it. We do not just give a weak 12 month warranty on construction of products and after that leave you to costly repairs for the rest of the product life!

We give you a Life Time Guarantee for all the products!

What does it cover?

  • A) Any failures due to poor manufacture quality.
  • B) Any breakages that occur during the correct use of the product. 
  • C) Premature wear and tear. Each item has a lifetime expectancy ( see below table ) if the product does not last this term due to physical erosion it will be repaired or replaced with new. 
  • D) In the event of a real life rescue whatever causes a breakage we will repair or replace for new regardless. We are here to support your efforts.

 It is imperative that the equipment is kept in good working condition. This means maintenance and servicing must be adhered to. All the necessary instruction is available from Reach and Rescue Ltd in either hard copy or video. The Website also contains these aids. One to one demonstrations are also available on request.

 The wear and tear cover is subject to an abnormal usage clause. Certain items are not designed to be used every day for years, such as you might see at a rescue training school. Situations such as these will dramatically reduce the life expectancy and we will give you a sensible term at the time of purchase if you tell us what the intended use is . 

The Life time guarantee refers to the reasonable life time expectancy of each product which will differ dramatically. This is not the life time of the operator or organisation of course. So we have tabulated the terms of product life times below . Should you purchase a product that is not included below just ask for the term at any time and we will give you this immediately and update our records, which receive new products frequently. if a product is bought in from a third party i.e. cameras, carabenas, etc. then the warranty is covered by the manufacturer. 

If the pole is damaged during an actual live rescue, we guarantee to replace the parts or poles FREE of charge!



  • Stainless steel attachments
  • Flotation devices
  • Wading poles
  • Bags and storage products
  • Carbon fibre poles
  • Fibre glass poles
  • 10 years
  • 5 years
  • 10 years
  • 5 years
  • 5 years (high usage level 1 year)
  • 5 years (high usage level 1 year)

To help us achieve this first rate support service we ask that you return the goods back to us at your cost and we will pay for the rest of the guarantee cover work and goods.