"A lifesaving piece of kit that is proving extremely useful. It will save lives."
Kevin Baird
Marina Manager Quay Marinas

Marine Industry Risks

What are the urgent safety issues facing the marine industry right now?

  • Commercial fishing is the most dangerous industry in the UK*
  • 103 incidents of drowning have occurred in the commercial fishing industry since 2006*
  • 44% of drowning fatalities had no intention of entering the water*
  • 67% of man overboard fishing drowning fatalities occur when PFD not worn*
  • Man overboard recovery manoeuvres such as the Williamson turn can take 11 minutes to perform
  • Unless a man overboard is rescued in 5 minutes, it is unlikely they’ll be able to swim or be conscious+

*SOURCE: Department for Transport Maritime Safety Action Plan

+SOURCE: Maritime & Coastguard Agency Fishing Vessels: Emergency Drills Marine Guidance Note

What Can a Telescopic Rescue Pole Do?

A Reach and Rescue telescopic rescue pole is a vital piece of man overboard recovery equipment that eliminates the difficulties in recovering an unresponsive casualty. It will:

  • – Function as a lifesaving device whether the casualty is conscious.
  • – Quickly and accurately extend any required flotation devices to the casualty.
  • – Keep crew afloat whilst preparing man overboard recovery equipment that’ll get the individual back on deck.

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