Reach Pole Kits

Unless you have trialled or already own some Reach and Rescue equipment, it can be a little bit of a dilemma deciding what you may need to completely equip your team. The kit compilation brings together the most popular tools to accompany a Reach pole, and provides storage options so that you can rest assured that the majority of incidents can be addressed from within the kit recommended. You can, and eventually will, start to select your own bespoke combinations – which can be seen on our rescue pole accessories page.

Be aware, if the alloy storage box is restrictive then opt for the high-visibilty drawstring bag.  It is easier to cram into spaces and a lower cost option.

Ultralite Pole Kit

Reach Pole Kit

Animal Rescue Pole Kit

Animal Rescue Pole Kit

Offshore Pole Kit 

 Offshore Rescue Pole Kit