"A lifesaving piece of kit that is proving extremely useful. It will save lives."
Kevin Baird
Marina Manager Quay Marinas

Watersafe UK is a charity and first started using the pole in a real rescue about three years ago. We used the 9 metre pole with the flotation collar attachment. The woman we saved was panicking and a throwline would not have saved her. Being able to reach her with the pole and force the collar over her is what did.

It has revolutionised the way that we do rescues – we have saved over a dozen people using the pole.

We absolutely recommend the Reach and Rescue telescopic pole rescue system. We run courses in water awareness and always introduce the pole to our participants as we know it is that good.

Nigel Cobb

Watersafe UK

Our most glowing Video Testimonials...

Poole Quay Boat Haven & Port of Poole Marina have now adopted Reach and Rescue poles as part of our marina safety. It’s a great piece of equipment to have on site, especially considering how far it can reach.

Poole Quay Boat Haven & Port of Poole Marina

Very pleased with the wading poles. We used the in Exercise Berwyn at Bala and at the Dee River Festival and on SRT Training. Very solid construction. We have some more training next month also.

Mark Palmer

North East Wales Search & Rescue