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An image displaying RSPCA Volunteer rescuing a dog

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was founded nearly two hundred years ago in 1824 in London. Since its inception, the RSPCA has influenced legislation for animal protection, spearheaded a globally recognised approach to animal rescue and now leads the way in the use of innovative rescue equipment by teaming up with Reach and Rescue in producing a bespoke rescue pole system, aptly dubbed the Creature Reacher.  The rescue poles have since been installed into each of RSPCA’s 550 animal rescue vans nationally and are now being used in animal rescue efforts across the country.

So, why did the RSPCA choose Reach and Rescue


First and foremost, Reach and Rescue were the RSPCA’s Rescue Equipment of choice because of the strength, durability and success rate of the long reach telescopic rescue pole. Made from high grade carbon fibre, the pole, 17 metres in length once fully extended, is the strongest and most versatile of its kind in the world. It is perfect for rescuing animals from heights, hooking swans on water, while keeping the rescuer safe on land. 

Secondly, the reliability of any rescue equipment is imperative when working with animals in dangerous rescue situations, so when RSPCA sought out new animal rescue equipment, Reach and Rescue were the equipment specialist of choice. Along with nearly a decade of success stories, the Reach and Rescue pole is backed by a life time guarantee. This means that within the life time of the rescue pole Reach and Rescue guarantee its versatility and in the unlikely event that the pole breaks or fails to work, we will replace it with a brand new one. An approach that was too good to miss for the Royal Society.




The final cherry on the cake, however, was the whole host of applicable attachments for the pole systems that the RSPCA would put to good use when rescuing animals out in the field. After watching the above video notice the vast range of pole attachments to aid the RSPCA on a daily basis. From the swan hook, a hook attachment fashioned for capturing injured swans from ponds, canals and rivers, to the inspection camera kit and the retractable rescue net.

No other safety equipment specialists deliver the array of relevant attachments for animal rescue organisations. Reach and Rescue are hands down the only supplier of such equipment and as such the RSPCA had little in the way choice when it came to their developing rescue capabilities.

Moving Forward


As pioneers in animal rescue, the RSPCA have now adopted the Reach and Rescue pole kit with their bespoke blue coloured poles, attachments and RSPCA – Reach and Rescue branded kit bags, and will march across the U.K. fully equipped, preventing animals from harm and cruelty.

Now, as world leaders and global influencers of animal rescue policy, the RSPCA will show similar organisations across the globe what is required to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to saving the lives of animals of all kinds.

For more information about the RSPCA and Reach and Rescue, to enquire about pole systems for your animal rescue organisation or for anything else visit call 03301 595088 or email

UK: 03301 595 088
International: 0203 368 6792     

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