Tricky swan rescue by RSPCA made possible thanks to Reach & Rescue’s telescopic pole and swan hook

RSPCA Swan Rescue

Successful Swan Rescue by RSPCA Wildlife Rescue Officers

The RSPCA was recently called out to Hemlington Lake in Middlesborough, after a fisherman spotted a mute swan bleeding with a fishing hook and line caught it in its mouth. Given that the injured animal is among protected species and was situated in precarious waters, retrieving the swan safely might have proven tricky. Fortunately, the Water Rescue Officers on the scene were equipped with one of Reach and Rescue’s revolutionary rescue poles – the longest telescopic poles in the world. 

The rescue team was able to manoeuvre the swan towards a bank and shallow water, before deploying Reach and Rescue’s lifesaving pole with a hook attachment to retrieve the injured bird. Thanks to the length and directional accuracy of Reach and Rescue’s poles, operators can execute a rescue without having to venture into potentially hazardous waters. This uniquely enables a quick and safe retrieval of the casualty, while ensuring the safety of rescue workers. 

"Swan Rescue not possible without Reach and Rescue"

A member of the rescue team at Hemlington Lake said plainly that this rescue would not have been possible without Reach and Rescue’s unique pole. Traditionally, emergency services have had to rely on inconsistent techniques that often expose rescue workers to physical risk. Now, Reach and Rescue’s telescopic poles eliminate such risks. They come with a comprehensive range of attachments to serve all scenarios, are designed and manufactured in the UK, and enable emergency services to gain lifesaving minutes in rescue situations.

Swans enjoy statutory protection in the UK, so the team at Reach and Rescue is immeasurably honoured to have assisted the RSPCA in saving a member of this treasured species. Our feathered friend was thoroughly checked over by a veterinarian before being released, happy and healthy, back into Hemlington Lake.

Check the video below to see this successful rescue in action. 

For pioneering this Great Leap Forward in rescue equipment, Reach and Rescue proudly scooped First Place at the Merseyside Innovation Awards in 2016.

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