Emergency Throwline Throw Bag for Water Rescue

“This is easy to throw and rethrow; to get the rope back in the bag and rethrow it in an emergency situation is very important. Reach & Rescue’s throwbag is also very easy to carry and hold, and will clip on to your kit.”

– Kent Search & Rescue

Uses and Applications

This rescue device comes with a standard rope stuffed loosely and can be used from land, boat or any stable platform. The wide opening enables quick and easy repacking. The throwbag can also be supplied with a 25m or 30m rope.

How to Use

The throw bag is tossed to the casualty from a stable position into swift water/rapids enabling the swimmer to grab the rope and get pulled to safety.

Maintenance and Precautions

Check terminal bag knot. Air the rope after use to dry. Ensure the rope is correctly packed to allow correct deployment.            

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