The Underwater Surveillance Camera Kit – Saves Time and Money

An image displaying the use of an underwater inspection camera to inspect the hull of a boat


We visited the Liverpool Docks today with the aim of resolving a major issue that many Maritime maintenance companies are dealing with; the underwater inspection of their boats to check for potential damage or faults with their equipment.


Traditionally, when boats at the docks are seeming to have operational problems they are put through a process called dry docking, where the boat is sectioned off into an area of the dockyard where the water can be drained in order to attach a crane to the boat and lift it into an inspection area. This is known to be a costly method of inspection, in regards to both time and money, and in some cases can result in a boat being dry docked to find that something as minimal as sea weed maybe caught up in the propeller causing excess vibrations to the boats engine. With the aim of saving these companies from wasting thousands of pounds and hours of time, we put our underwater inspection camera to the test.


Firstly we attached our camera to one of our 9 Meter Telescopic Reach and Rescue Poles, then we proceed to submerge the camera into the water surrounding the boat. Once under the water the real test begins; using our camera the Inspection Engineer was able to clearly see each part of the hull, the rudders and the propellers in order to check for any damages or inconsistencies even through the murkiest parts of the water. Thanks to our kit having the capability to record the Inspection Engineer was able to record the inspection in order to show his colleagues that there is no need to dry dock the boat as there was no issues with the boat whatsoever. This served as a valuable time saving method as in a normal turn of events, the boat would of been dry docked and then craned out of the water only to find out that there are no issues with the operation of the boat. Not only did the camera impress the Engineer because of the clarity of the image but due to the fact that our Telescopic Reach and Rescue Pole has the capability to easily switch attachments from an inspection camera to a life saving piece of equipment such as our flotation collar attachment, the versatility makes our kit a must have piece of equipment for any maritime based company. We offer a range of different sized poles that cover sizes up to a massive 17 Meters, meaning there is no boat that is too large to be able to inspect using are equipment.


If you would like to see our camera in a live video test please feel free to visit this link and if you would like a trial of this equipment please call Jo Taylor on 07800921024 or email at

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