The Reach and Rescue Pole is Used Across the Globe!

Search and Rescue Team Deploy Reach and Rescue Pole to Steady Raft in Swift Water

To stem the global tidal wave of accidental drowning, Reach and Rescue’s self-developed long-reach telescopic water rescue poles and water rescue equipment is used worldwide – and we are saving lives in more than 50 countries. The rescue pole enables emergency services, search and rescue teams and members of the public to conduct swift, directionally-accurate rescues by retrieving casualties from safe distances. This minimises the danger posed to the rescuer whilst also boosting casualty survival chances.

When equipped with our comprehensive range of long-reach telescopic rescue poles – the World’s longest at up to 20m in length and adaptable with fit-for-purpose attachments – rescue operatives avoid putting themselves in extreme danger posed by entering hazard zones – water, height, ice or mud to name a few – in order to rescue an individual.

Check out the numerous uses for our rescue poles in the gallery below.

And of course, the rescue pole is used extensively by emergency services and search and rescue teams across the UK – pictured here is a commercial fishing vessel conducting man overboard safety drills near the Port of Dover.

Rescue Pole with Body Hook Used on Commercial Fishing Vessel

The Reach and Rescue telescopic water rescue pole has a wide and comprehensive range of tool attachments, enabling this versatile pole to be converted into whichever tool may be necessary according to the scenario and location. Browse our rescue pole attachments and accessories.

To date, our rescue poles have prevented the deaths of 50+ people during potentially life-threatening situations including the lives of professional and volunteer lifesavers.

The Reach and Rescue pole comes with a lifetime guarantee, so it is exponentially more more affordable than traditional rescue equipment. 

To book a demonstration, call us on +44 (0)3301 595088 or head to our contact page for more ways to get in touch.

UK: 03301 595 088
International: 0203 368 6792     

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