The Reach and Rescue Pole greatly received at Man Overboard Conference 2018

Jo Taylor, Reach and Rescue, presents at the Man Overboard Conference 2018

Reach and Rescue recently attended and presented at the Man Overboard Conference – Prevention and Recovery, in Southampton on 17th April 2018


It was a fascinating and educational day for all those presenting and attending and the unique and innovative telescopic rescue pole system was overwhelmingly received well!


Captain Don Colteral stood up and said he “loves the pole and body hook attachment and suggest everybody gets one”!


There were so many key professionals in the maritime industry who were there, working together to reduce the number of fatalities in the case of men overboard. With 12 fatalities being investigated by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch in just the past 12 months, the industry is proactively working to decrease this figure, with the Reach and Rescue pole system a key piece of equipment to tackle it.


After just 10 minutes being overboard, if the casualty is not wearing the appropriate clothing or does not have the correct equipment, the casualty is unconscious and unable to get back on board. The telescopic rescue pole system with the body hook attachment is designed to reach the casualty quickly and accurately, without causing any collateral injury, and whether they are conscious or unconscious. Speed is of the essence in man overboard situations.


The Reach and Rescue unique telescopic pole (with a reach of up to 17 metres) , together with the body hook and other life-saving attachments, aims to assist in reducing the number of fatalities significantly.


The conference was a resounding success enjoyed by Reach and Rescue and all those who attended.

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