The Exceptional Team at the RSPCA Recently Rescued a Lamb with Reach and Rescue Equipment!

Mountain Goat Rescue

Fantastic News as Another Animal Life Has Been Saved By the RSPCA with Assistance of Reach and Rescue Equipment.

Happy faces in the image above as the team at the RSPCA have rescued another animal using the Reach and Rescue Pole and Pro Snare Attachment. The Lamb was located down a crag near Snowdon, and having the long Reach of our Award Winning Rescue System; the endangered Lamb was rescued safely and is healthy.

On top of that, the skilled team at the RPSCA who rescued the lamb where also safe from harm due to the Reach and Rescue Poles high operator safety, keeping the rescuers out of the hazardous zone.

The rescue was carried out using one of our brilliant attachments – The Pro Snare. The advantage of The Pro Snare is that it is a spring loaded device where the loop is placed over the target (in this case the lamb) and with a light pull on the pole it will release the snare, locking onto the target. This tool is ideal for animal control and even unconscious human retrieval. 

Once again the RSCPA show us why they are the world leaders of animal care and rescue. Discover more about the RSPCA on their website here –

At Reach and Rescue we Endeavour to supply the rescue professionals top of the range Lifesaving equipment that will assist rescues in all types of situations, without putting the operators at risk in life threatening hazard zones.

Even if you would like to try some of our Award Winning Equipment, do not hesitate to give us a Ring at +44 (0)330 159 5088 or please Email for a much more in depth guide of what Reach and Rescue is all about.

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