Swan Hook

Designed to enable safe and efficient retrieval of swans and other birds.

The hooks smooth curves are designed to ensure retrieval without risk of undue injury to the bird’s neck.

Uses and Applications

This animal rescue tool is designed to enable the safe and efficient retrieval of swans and other birds. Reach and Rescue’s Swan Hook is used by, among many others, the RSPCA – to rescue injured and endangered birds.

How to Use

Attach the Swan Hook by sliding it onto the gold collar of the Reach and Rescue Pole. This will secure it into place with the spring buttons. Extend the pole to required length.

Maintenance and Precautions

The sleeve fitting should be tested regularly on the pole top fitting as damage will prevent the attachment from fitting securely.

Please click on the PDF below to view, download or print a complete datasheet for our Swan Hook attachment.

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