NEW PRODUCT: The Subsurface Rescue Recovery Hook – An Innovative All-In-One Solution for Safe Underwater Rescue and Recovery

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Reach and Rescue are proud to unveil our latest innovation designed to keep rescue operatives safe: The Subsurface Rescue Recovery Hook. Purposely engineered to combine with our underwater search camera, the Subsurface Rescue Recovery Hook is an all-in-one solution for safe underwater rescue and recovery.

Where does the idea for a Subsurface Rescue Recovery Hook come from?

The hazards found in water rescue scenarios are exacerbated by the lack of visibility to what’s beneath the water surface – debris, reeds, manhole covers, etc.; all contribute to maximising the potential danger to water rescue crews when conducting submerged rescue and recovery.


Reach and Rescue strongly believe rescue personnel should never be put in undue risk when carrying out their duties. Obviously, a solution that enables water rescue crews to safely undertake underwater rescue and recovery is urgently required.

Benefits to using the Subsurface Rescue Recovery Hook

        Object of search can be spotted on the underwater search camera’s screen and pulled to the surface via the Subsurface Rescue Recovery Hook without need to enter water.

        Incident commanders responsible for submerged casualty recovery can act without having to wait for expensive specialist resources, such as an underwater dive team.

Product Features

Subsurface Recovery Hook with Labelled Product Features

The Subsurface Rescue Recovery Hook combines with our Underwater Search Camera becoming an all-in-one solution for safe underwater rescue and recovery. Locate the object of the search on camera & use the attachment’s hooks to pull the object to the water surface.


A key aspect of the Subsurface Rescue Recovery Hook’s design are the sharp hooks, designed to latch onto the object and pull them to the water surface. Through extensive field testing with Fire and Rescue Service water rescue crews, it was clear the weight of the object can be supported by the water. The hooks are easily replaceable by simply unscrewing at the base.


A bright visual marker flag is supplied as standard, providing a vital depth guide for the pole operator.


And of course, as with all our attachments the Subsurface Rescue Recovery Hook fits any of our rescue poles.


This attachment will revolutionise how water rescue crews carry out one of the most challenging parts of their job. With the Subsurface Rescue Recovery Hook, they’re more efficient – but most importantly, they’re safer.


Below is a quick video demonstration of the Subsurface Rescue Recovery Hook lifting a training manikin out of water after being spotted on the Underwater Search Camera screen.

Subsurface Recovery Hook Product Close Up

The Subsurface Rescue Recovery Hook is available to order now

UK: 03301 595 088
International: 0203 368 6792


Health and Safety Executive: Incidents Involving Submerged Casualties Reviewed

HSE advise specific criteria must be met when conducting submerged casualty recovery.

Firefighter Using Search and Inspection Camera
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