Shock; Water Safety Video by Derbyshire Fire & rescue

Shock’ the new water safety video produced by Derbyshire Fire & Rescue will do just that; shock you.  And rightfully so.

Focusing on the dramatic realities of water safety awareness, the video is set at what seemingly looks like an old quarry and an idyllic spot for the three young main characters of the film to have a inocent swim in the sun.  Of course all ends horribly for the trio and you’ll see exactly why when you watch the video

In 2017, 255 people lost their lives because of accidental drowning.  However, did you know that few people die due to drowning alone and it is in fact almost always caused by the initial shock of the freezing temperatures of the water. 

Following a conference with the guys over at the ‘Man Over Board Prevention and Recovery’ workshop in 2018 the Reach & Rescue team learned a lot about man over board situations

Cold water shock is a physical process that causes the victim to;

  • Gasp
  • Hyperventilate
  • Increase heart rate
  • Lose muscle strength
  • Drown

Being water safety aware is imperative throughout the whole year, especially in the summer months when water in lakes, reservoirs and quarries could appear warm enough to swim. 

How to Survive in Cold Water

  1. Attempt to stay calm.
  2. Keep your head out of the water.
  3. Get your breathing under control.
  4. Get as much of your body as possible out of the water..

How to Save Someone Else in Cold Water

  1. Don’t just jump in.
  2. Call emergency services
  3. Talk to the person, calmly.
  4. Find something to reach them with. (or a nearby Reach & Rescue pole)

For more information on how to stay safe in a cold water shock event, for information about any of our safety equipment or to speak to one of the team email, call 0331 595088 or visit

Here are some useful links with information about drowning and the effects of cold water shock;

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