‘’Reducing the Risks When Working in a Disaster Area’’ – Reach and Rescue Featured in Technical Rescue


The Latest issue of Technical Rescue features the Reach and Rescue Pole in an Article about Minimalizing Risks in Rescues


The article wrote by Darryl Ashford-Smith (London Fire Brigade and Babcock International Instructor UKISAR team member) is about the many ways you can reduce the risk to rescue team members who are operating in dangerous situations that involve more challenging work environments that can potentially cause difficulty when rescuing.


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The second part of the article looks at working with equipment, safety and supervision where the Reach and Rescue Pole has a highlight about how versatile the system is and how it can assist with many tasks in rescue operations but also massively increasing the operator’s safety.


On page 28 of the article, it speaks about more about utilising rope systems and shows an image (below) of a ‘’Rope Blade’’ mechanism that the user has improvised and self-made but speaks of the vastly superior telescopic Reach Pole method that the rescuer may not have been aware of. This would have greatly benefited this situation but also ensured maximum safety for all in the hazard zone. You can read more about our Rope Blade attachment HERE.




We also have many Attachments that are all Rope Rescue Related including – Carrago, Scaff Hook Carrago, Line Hook, Trigger Blade and Grappler & Ladder.



Scaff Hook Carrago

Line Hook

Trigger Blade

Ladder & Grappler

Rope Blade


We advise that you take a further read of the article (Page 20) by clicking HERE to learn more about what you can do to reduce risks to our servicemen saving lives around the world.


At Reach and Rescue we Endeavour to supply the rescue professionals top of the range Lifesaving equipment that will assist rescues in all types of situations, without putting the operators at risk in life threatening hazard zones.


Even if you would like to try some of our Award Winning Equipment, do not hesitate to give us a Ring at +44 (0)330 159 5088 or please Email jo@reachandrescue.com for a much more in depth guide of what Reach and Rescue is all about.



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