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Reach and Rescue – a Game Changer for Emergency Rescue Equipment and Services

UK based Reach and Rescue Ltd design and manufacture the world’s longest, most versatile and successful telescopic rescue pole systems.

Reach and Rescue’s telescopic poles come with a comprehensive range of 25 insightfully designed attachments to enable swift, directionally accurate rescue in all rescue scenarios while ensuring operator safety and gaining lifesaving minutes. These systems can be used in a comprehensive variety of scenarios as a reach tool while keeping your employees and operators safe.

Winner of the Queen’s Award For Innovation, Reach and Rescue are responsible for a Great Leap Forward in rescue equipment, thanks to their telescopic rescue poles that expand to an unprecedented length of 17m. These ground-breaking poles eliminate the inefficiencies and collateral hazards that have previously plagued rescue services, such as inaccurate throwline methods, the loss of valuable minutes during crisis and the exposure of rescue workers to risk when they have had to venture into dangerous ground in order to execute a rescue.

Reach and Rescue’s unique telescopic poles and attachments (such as the Underwater Search Camera, Inspection Camera, Sonar Search Frame, Body Hook, Scaff Hook Carrago for fall arrest, Thermal Imaging Camera and many, many more) can be used on and under water, at height, on mud and on ice; to rescue casualties that are conscious or unconscious, cooperative or otherwise. Thanks to the length and directional accuracy of these poles, in addition to the nifty efficiency of the attachments, operators can execute a quick rescue while keeping their own feet firmly in a safe zone.

From an operational perspective, the Reach and Rescue Pole is incredibly versatile, enabling rescue workers to tailor the pole to the requirements of any given rescue scenario. Furthermore, the poles and attachments have been designed with simplicity of use and assembly in mind. Reach and Rescue have distributors across the world and offer a lifetime guarantee on their products. These systems can be used in a comprehensive variety of scenarios as a reach tool while ensuring employee and operator safety in addition to gaining lifesaving minutes.

Dubbed ‘the Rolls Royce of Rescue Poles’ by an American client, not only is the Reach and Rescue telescopic rescue pole genuinely one-of-a-kind across the globe; many of its accompanying attachments are also entirely unique in function, design and efficiency.

Industries successfully using Reach and Rescue’s revolutionary systems worldwide include:

– Fire & Rescue, Search & Rescue, Police & Ambulance

– Security Services and Site Security

– Border Control – Mountain Rescue and Safety at Heights

– Offshore and Maritime, Marinas, Ports, Harbours, Shipping

– Military and Civil Defence

– Disaster Response

– Construction, Mining and Rigs

– RSPCA and other Animal Rescue teams

Reach and Rescue’s Telescopic Rescue Pole Systems are USED BY (among others)

– Global Fire & Rescue

– Police Services

– London Fire Brigade

– UK Border Force

– Jaguar

– BAE Systems

– Dubai Civil Defence

– Irish Civil Defence

– Oman Civil Defence

– Dorset Marine Police

– Kent Police


– Kew Royal Botanic Gardens

– Interfire Products Estonia

– Croatian Mountain Rescue

The LONGEST, Most VERSATILE and Successful Rescue Pole Systems IN THE WORLD



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