Reach and Rescue Tools Partake in Search of Finding Missing USA Tourist in Norway

Red Cross Rescue Corps Successfully Recovered a Body of a USA Tourist Who Went Missing in a Ferocious Norwegian Waterfall.

On the 3rd of August the River Rescue Group from the Red Cross Rescue Corps in where deployed to Hivjufossen on a mission to search for an American tourist who disappeared in river July 24th.

Hivjufossen, Waterfall Rescue, Surveillance Camera, Rescue Stick, Camera Pole, Norway River Rescue, Red Cross Rescue Corps

In a comprehensive and demanding operation paired with the skills from Rescue 3 SRT on River Rescue and Climbing/Restraint, the team carried out a successful operation. With the assistance of the Reach and Rescue Pole and Search Camera, divers, dogs and other plus specialist techniques this became a successful rescue.

The team have stated that they will continue their work to be best prepared for all sorts of missions in the river.

Theirs and our thoughts go to the family after such a tragedy.

Waterfall Rescue, Surveillance Camera, Hivjufossen

The Ferocity and Size of the Hivjufossen is Emphasised Here in a Panoramic View of the River.

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