Reach and Rescue Throwbags

Because Reach and Rescue are mixing with Fire and Rescue personnel on a regular basis we have received a lot of feedback on our existing throw bags and also on the industry standard throw bags. Consequently, we have created a new funnel shaped design throw bag to be used in the Fire and Rescue industry Benefits include:-

• A larger diameter opening for ease and speed of repacking

• A foam material weight at the bottom of the Throwbag to assist in the smooth gliding action whilst throwing

• A mesh material for fast drainage providing consistent throwing weight

Ventilation to assist a speedy rope process.

• The throw bag has large capacity to have rope from 15m to 30m

• Weight 0.5kg

• Length of rope – 15m, 20, 25, 30m

• Opening bag diameter 35cm

300k maximum load

We have also designed the throwbag to be manufactured to have your own logo stitched onto the Throwbag email for further information.

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