Reach and Rescue – Saving Animals With The RSPCA

An image displaying a dog to demonstrate that a dog can be helped by the Reach and Rescue kit for the RSPCA

The RSPCA are a society of volunteers and teams of rescuers across the country that serve to protect and prevent all animals from cruelty and harm.

 Helping to save and re-home over 100,000 animals of all kinds in the UK, the RSPCA have adopted an award winning rescue technology to add to their capabilities: the Reach and Rescue Pole Kit with attachments developed specifically to aid in animal rescue.

Reach and Rescue have come up with an innovative way to help the RSPCA rescue not only dogs, but all kinds of animals. Reach and Rescue produce the worlds longest and best-in-class Rescue pole systems and as such they were the rescue pole of choice for the RPSCA. Along with a vast array of attachments the society and its volunteers can rescue animals of all kinds. With the ‘Pro-Snare’ attachment fitted to the ultralight carbon fibre rescue pole, the RSPCA Rescue teams across the country are the best equipped they can be to perform all kinds of Animal Rescues.

The RSPCA has a big task when it comes to the country’s stray pets and abused animals. With over 500 vans across the country now fitted with a ‘creature reacher’ the teams can hopefully help these innocent animals when left left out to fend for themselves.


This is the Pro Snare, one of many attachments that the RSPCA could use from their tailor made Reach and Rescue – RSCPA kit bags to rescue animals from danger or neglect. The Pro Snare is a lightweight, spring loaded device, perfect for retrieval from a distance or even at height. As the Pro Snare has been designed to prevent any over tightening, it is comfortable for the poor pooch in question while still enabling the rescue team to effectively retrieve the animal. 

For more information about the new creature reacher rescue poles adopted by the RSPCA, the Reach and Rescue Pro-Snare attachment or for anything else please feel free to use the contact page of the Reach and Rescue site, email or call 03301 595088 and one of the team will be more than happy to help.

UK: 03301 595 088
International: 0203 368 6792


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