Reach And Rescue Equipment Used Offshore

Hughes Sub Surface Engineering Ltd. (HSSE) are an offshore service provider, supplying Air Divers, Confined Space specialists, Emergency Response Teams and more to the Renewables Industry. The Reach & Rescue pole system is used by Hughes Sub-Surface Engineering Ltd.’s Emergency Response Teams who are currently providing rope and water rescue and medical cover for the construction phase of the Gwynt y Môr offshore wind farm project. The pole system allows rescue technicians to access out of reach anchor points fitted to the Wind Turbine Generator (WTG), that would otherwise require difficult and time consuming climbing techniques to reach. If needed, the rescue system can also be used to hook onto a casualty in a difficult access situation, which could reduce the time needed for and the complexity of a particular recovery. Man over board Casualties in the water will be recovered from a Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) using the Reach & Rescue pole to supplement vessels on-board recovery systems.

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