Poole Quay Boat Haven & Port of Poole Marina have now adopted Reach and Rescue Poles as Part of their Marina Safety

The Reach and Rescue Pole is now being used by Poole Quay Boat Haven & Port of Poole Marina to Ensure the Maximum Safety of all Workers and others Around the Area.

The Award Winning Poole Quay Boat Haven & Port of Poole Marina is one of the best Marinas in the UK which can accommodate up to 75 boats on an annual basis and a vessel length of up to 60 metres.

Recently the Marina of the Year has started to utilise the versatile Reach and Rescue System to maximise the safety of all people in the surrounding area. To be able to rescue in seconds without entering the water risking another life is a must in Marinas around the world and it is fantastic Poole Quay Boat Haven & Marina have went the extra mile to ensure the safety of all their clients and colleagues.

The Marina Manager has said “it’s a great piece of equipment to have on site, especially considering how far it can reach.”

Take a look at some pictures of the trial at the port –

We are glad Poole Quay Boat Haven & Port of Poole Marina are happy with their new versatile Rescue Equipment and we hope that It will solve many rescue issues that could have occurred without our equipment.

If you would like to try some of our Award Winning Equipment, do not hesitate to give us a call at +44 (0)330 159 5088 or Email jo@reachandrescue.com for possible solutions Reach and Rescue provide for you

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