#PickUpAPole – Coming to a Public Water Area Near You…



Help Us Save Lives 


Reach and Rescue are asking for your help in letting the gernal public know about this amazing new life saving system, our telescopic rescue poles and where they can be found.  We need you to tell us where in the country you are and what water rescue systems are in place at water sites and open water areas, quarries and marinas near you.  We need your help in letting us know which local authorities or administrators of these areas need adopt this simple yet life-saving equipment.  We need you to help us reduce the number of water related incidents from the horrific 600 a year to zero by ensuring that where ever we find open water, the general public can ‘Pick-Up-A-Pole’ in case of an emergency.  


How Can I PIck Up A Pole?



Watch the video below and see just how easy the Portsafe is to use and how effective it could be at saving a persons life in a difficult water related incident. It takes just 20 seconds to release the pole and get it in the water from the Portsafe which gives the rescuer and the victim an extra 40 seconds out of the 60 it takes on average for a water victim to start to drown after suffering cold water shock




Please contact us here, our social media channels, by email or phone, and let us know where in the country you think a Portsafe rescue system would be best placed.  It could be as simple as sending the name of the area, the contact details of the authority or administrative body that operates the site or even a postcode; anything to give Reach and Rescue an idea of where in the country these amazing life-saving systems would make the most difference and potentially save the most lives.


Call 03301 595088, email jo@reachandrescue.com or use the contact page on our site and please help us save lives by letting us know where in the country you think the Portsafe would be best placed.  


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