Tragedy Averted In Cleveleys – Man Pulled From Sea

Rescue operators assisted a man from drowning in the sea off Cleveleys close to the venue in north promenade at 8.20am on the 17th of May.
Police and lifeguards arrived together at the scene and Blackpool’s lifeguards got onboard their lifeboats. Fleetwood coastguard says “The man was recovered from the sea and handed over to our care.” Blackpool coastguards reached the scene within minutes and removed the casualty from the water. Once the casualty was rescued safely on the lifeboat it was clear that he was suffering from life-threatening cold water shock. He was taken onshore where paramedics were waiting to treat him.

“The man was recovered from the sea and handed over to our care”

Lifeboat Operations Manager Keith Horrocks said “Our volunteers did a brilliant job this morning; they reached the casualty really quickly and were able to stop a serious situation from becoming a tragedy.”
Cold water shock happens within minutes. This decreases blood flow to the human body including hands and feet, and then your arms and legs therefore if you are not wearing a flotation device; you will be unable to stay above the water and will drown.
As summer is approaching and people will be enjoying the sun and sand it is important that everyone stays away from sea water and looks out for incoming tides.
At Reach and Rescue we endeavour to supply the rescue professionals top of the range Lifesaving equipment that will assist rescues in all types of situations, without putting the operators at risk in life threatening hazard zones.
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