Man Drowns In California Aqueduct While Trying To Save His Dog


A man who tried to rescue his dog after it fell into the California Aqueduct has sadly drowned to death as he too fell into the canal.
Dogs tend to become a part of our lives and we often become very attached to them and when situations like this occur, dog owners must always assess the risk before they go ahead and try to save their dog. If the situation involves risking your own life, you should always call a rescuing team to assist with the incident.
The Reach and Rescue Pole with the pro-snare accessory attachment would have been a great advantage in this scenario as the dog owner could have rescued his pet without putting himself at risk. We have a range of carbon fibre telescopic pole systems that extend from 5 meters up to 17 meters. The pro-snare accessory would have greatly assisted the situation as it is a spring-loaded loop device that is designed to securely lock onto the target without overtightening to prevent causing further harm.
At Reach and Rescue we Endeavour to supply the rescue professionals top of the range Lifesaving equipment that will assist rescues in all types of situations, without putting the operators at risk in life-threatening hazard zones.
Even if you would like to try some of our Award Winning Equipment, do not hesitate to give us a Ring at +44 (0)330 159 5088 or please Email for a much more in depth guide of what Reach and Rescue is all about.


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