Line Hook

Uses and Applications

The Line Hook attaches a line to a fixed point at height or across water. It can also be used, for example, to secure a line to a submerged vehicle.

How to Use

Attach a line to the eyelet of the carabena. Attach the Line Hook by sliding it over the gold collar on the pole.  This will secure into place with the spring buttons.

– Approach: With the claw point and push through the structure

– Engaged: The crossbar snaps shut

– Installed: By pulling back the pole, the line threads around the structure
Maintenance and Precautions
The sleeve fitting should be regularly tested on the pole top fitting as damage will prevent the attachment from securely fitting. Ensure the crossbar is closed prior to using to fix a line.
Applications vary widely and include:
– Offshore rigs and salvage operations for safety and life lines
– Hands-off line attachment in hazardous conditions with damaged or highly volatile structures above and below sea level
– Attaching climbing or safety lines to unstable structures such as overhead cables and access ladders
– Making fast on mooring buoys or roving additional safety or security lines
– Below sea level salvage work
– Tree surgery
– Safety or climbing lines
Please click on the PDF below to view, download or print a complete datasheet for our Line Hook attachment.