Flotation Collar used to recover casualty during ice rescue

Flotation Collar

Floats above water keeping casualties in easy reach

The Flotation Collar is a buoyancy aid designed to capture and tighten around a casualty. It can also be used to lift a human or animal up to a height, while providing a cushioned hold.

How to Use 
The Flotation Collar comes with a sleeved fitting. Best used for retrieving conscious casualties. Once attached, push the pole to the casualty and they can secure the adjustable flotation collar to themselves. The attachment slides over the pole top fitting, which secures it in place using a double sprung mechanism. The device floats to enable easy reach to the casualty. 
Maintenance and Precautions 
The sleeve fitting should be tested regularly on the pole top fitting as damage will prevent the attachment from fitting securely. The velcro lasso system should be checked and maintained. Clean regularly to maintain high standards. 

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