Firefighters called to action as a Dog finds herself trapped in a fast flowing river


Merseyside Fire and Rescue were deployed to perform a water rescue to save a helpless Dog from the fast flowing water of the River Alt in Liverpool recently. 


A fire engine from Croxteth Community Fire Station with the search and rescue team on board attended the incident involving a pet being trapped in a water flow near the Vikings landing pub close to the East Lancs road in Liverpool.


The fire crew’s instant response meant ‘Bonnie’ was rescued unharmed to her owner after the dog had found her way into the water and couldn’t get herself out. The fast flowing water was taking the dog towards a sewage plant meaning instant reactions from the fire and rescue teams where vital in which the fulfilled the task successfully. 


A fire service spokesman told the Echo that the dog was ‘’Being swept away towards the sewage plant’’ and that the owner had called the emergency services for help.  ‘’Her concerned owner rang us because the water was fast flowing and the dog was tired, cold and needed rescuing.’’


The fire crews used rope access gear and a triple extension ladder to rescue the fire year old Staffordshire bull terrier dog Bonnie in which compliments must go towards the services due to their courage to risk their own valuable lives to save another valuable one.




Water Rescues are always dangerous, and its good news that in this incident no one was harmed or put under more danger. However, issues with water rescues can increase as they are happening and risk more lives than just the victim. At Reach and Rescue we Endeavour to supply rescue services to top of the range Lifesaving equipment that will assist water rescues in all types of situations, without risking anymore people who are involved. 


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