Body Finder System: A Safer Solution

An image displaying a police search boat to demonstrate how Reach and Rescue can assist the police with searches

With over 10,000 lakes in the U.K., 120 commercial ports, 90,000 kilometres of river and 50,000 reservoirs and dams, Great Britain is literally covered in and surrounded by water. So, suffice it to say our emergency services and rescue teams have a mammoth task when it comes to keeping us safe in difficult water related accidents or emergencies. But what about the search teams that work tirelessly to retrieve the bodies of those the emergency services were unable to save? How do rescue teams locate the unfortunate drowned victims of ‘cold water shock’ at our unmanned quarries or canal and lakes? The current approach, for most underwater rescue teams across the world, is to send divers in to potentially freezing cold water, risking their own lives in an effort to not even save another, but to bring closure and peace to the families of those that lost their lives. 

But what if there was another solution?

Reach and Rescue produce the world’s most effective rescue pole system currently used by fire services, police, search and rescue teams and many other service industries and sectors. Yet one of the most productive ways Reach and Rescue applied these technologies was to combine attachments with each other to form a system that could be used to satisfy the specific requirements of body recovery.

By using the Reach and Rescue Inspection Camera in conjunction with the Sonar Search Frame search teams can accurately mark, identify and retrieve their target. Armed with a Reach and Rescue long reach telescopic pole, depths of up to 17 metres can easily be reached from a fixed point on land or situated on a life boat or dingy.


As you can see from the video above, the camera kit and long reach pole work in conjunction perfectly to assist in the retrieval of objects or bodies from water. However, the final application of the attachments for best use in this instance is the Body Hook. Once rescue teams have correctly marked and identified their target they must then, obviously, retrieve it.


The Body Hook is the best body object tool, one step up from the Crook. The ends are curved in a way for no damage and it can wrap around the body or victim to secure them. The Body Hook perfectly completes the Body Finder System as it not only provides strength and reliability at the most crucial stage of the whole procedure, the retrieval, but it also fixes to one pole neatly and easily in the same way as the Sonar Search Frame and Inspection Camera. One uniformed solution for the timely and effective retrieval of objects and bodies from our country’s vast water sites: The Reach and Rescue Body Finder System.

For more information about the Reach and Rescue Body Finder System, or any of the other attachments available, contact the team on 03301 595088 or email

UK: 03301 595 088
International: 0203 368 6792    



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