Bird Net with Rope Blade Attachment Product Image

Bird Net

A net used in conjunction with the rope blade attachment to catch trapped and injured birds

Uses and Applications 
Use the blade to cut any line from a safe distance before capturing the animal in the bird net positioned below.
How to Use 
Fit the bird net before attaching the rope blade by sliding its bracket over the pole’s gold collar. Tighten the bracket to the pole at a sensible distance below the rope blade. Remove the rope blade from its pouch and attach to the gold collar, securing it in place via the spring buttons. Adjust the net to be positioned beneath the blade. Extend the pole to height and use the blade to cut any line – the animal will then drop into the net for safe retrieval.
Maintenance and Precautions 
The attachments should be regularly tested on the pole top fitting as damage will prevent the attachment from fitting securely.  

The Bird Net and Rope Blade are Part of the Animal Rescue Pole Kit

Animal Rescue Pole Kit
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