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An image displaying the innovative new life saving Reach and Rescue product, The Portsafe

Over the last few weeks, Reach and Rescue, and our friends and partners, have been screaming the same mantra from the proverbial roof tops in the form of a social media hashtag: #PickUpAPole.  Designed to raise awareness around one thing and one thing alone, our ‘Pick-Up-A-Pole’ campaign has paved the way for the introduction of the world’s first telescopic rescue pole public access system; Portsafe! This innovative and unique public access system gives the general public much needed access to our Telescopic Rescue Pole systems in times of difficulty at riverbanks and watercourses across the UK and internationally.  With more people living, working and socialising near canals, rivers and waterways, there is increased need to have a fast, accurate water rescue system that the public can easily use.

Simply put, Portsafe is an amazing new key-code-operated safety and security system, securing nearby rescue poles to ensure that they are kept safe from damage while still maintaining ease of access for the general public in difficult water related incidents.  Have a look at the informational video provided above to see how the Portsafe can be used, what to do if you find yourself in a open water related incident and information about how you can adopt the Portsafe at water sites near you.  


The Portsafe rescue system has taken a prominent position along the banks of the Great River Ouse in Bedfordshire as part of a groundbreaking water safety trial.



The pole-based system can reach someone in distress in the water in as little as 20 seconds. It is so easy to use that members of the public will be able to begin the rescue while the emergency services are on the way.  Portsafe consists of the innovation award-winning Reach and Rescue pole. Already used by 80 per cent of the UK’s fire and rescue and emergency services, the pole extends to 17 metres and comes with a range of attachments for a host of rescue scenarios.


This innovative product has been getting a lot of attention from the Media and has been featured in Bedford Today as well as in the Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents Journal (RoSPA) and in the Wigan Observer where Reach and Rescue are based.  Following the success with Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service, the unique and innovative public access water rescue system is now beginning to be used across the country.


The Portsafe: Public Access Water Rescue System



Reach and Rescue work with many different rescue organisations and the poles are already widely used in lifeboats, marinas and ports across the world. Until now they have mainly been used by rescue workers but they are so easy to use and effective that they could be accessed by the public, just like a lifering. However, by talking to fire and rescue workers, Reach and Rescue have found that there was a real problem with liferings being stolen or vandalised.




The lockable box will carry a number for members of the public to call to allow access to the Reach and Rescue pole. The same call could also be used to raise the alarm to the emergency services.  The system’s rigid design enables the operator to direct and control the rescue rather than expecting someone who is in the water, cold, confused and terrified to swim towards a ring. Watch a video on the Portsafe giving you more information about this life saving innovation.

Along with our ‘Pick-Up-A-Pole’ campaign, talks with rescue services across the globe and a push to raise public awareness via word of mouth, Reach and Rescue are also working closely with local authorities and local MP’s to take the new Portsafe system to parliment in an effort to create legislation that would potentially mark Portsafe as a must for every port, harbour, marina or open water course in the UK.  This is an attempt to reduce the statistics of water realted fatalities across Great Britain in-line with the UK Drowning Prevention Strategy 2016 – 2026

Please join us in our campaign to bring Portsafe to the UK’s water sites, and internationally, by lobbying your local MP, contacting your local council or even contacting your local water sites directly and enquiring about how Portsafe can be adopted.  

For more information on the innovative and life saving Portsafe system, for information about any of our safety equipment or to speak to one of the team email, call 0331 595088 or visit



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