Australian & New Zealand Search and Rescue Conference

The 2016 Australian & New Zealand Search and Rescue Conference (SAR16) will continue to provide a platform of discussion that started last year for the Search and Rescue Community. The Conference aims to tackle the issues and challenges whilst continuously supporting professional development in new training, techniques and requirements of Search and Rescue.

The Committee will design the program to cover a range of topics varying from Water to Land to Air and Mining SAR missions. As the only trans-Tasman multi-sector SAR Conference, this event allows the chance for all organisations and SAR Workers to come together and continue our understanding of development in the SAR Sector.

Conference Forums Include:

1. Technology and Operations

How are advancements in technology changing the way SAR operations are conducted?

2. Training

How do we ensure that people are appropriately trained and have the right skills for all different aspects of SAR?

3. Organisation

How do we enhance the interconnectedness between multiple SAR agencies to coordinate the most effective SAR response?

4. Working with  Stakeholders

Lost Person Behaviour (Mental Health), Crisis Management and Communication Strategies. 

This unique Conference provides a platform of discussion for the Search and Rescue community to continue their learning and understanding of others research and experiences. The Program includes 6 Keynotes, 26 Forums and Poster Presentations.

The Conference is to happen on the 1st of June 2016.

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