Animal Magic from Reach and Rescue

RSPCA group shot with jo and sean

THEY’RE at the front line of animal rescue…


Men and women who work tirelessly to pluck stricken birds and beasts from danger. 

Now officers with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) have a new ally when they are rescuing animals – The Reach and Rescue Pole. 

After an extensive series of trials in a variety of real-life situations, the national animal welfare charity has now placed an order for more than 500 special Animal Rescue Pole Kits. 

It means that every RSPCA officer in the country will carry the lifesaving piece of kit enabling them to take more animals out of peril whilst keeping themselves as safe as possible. 

RSPCA officers work in a huge variety of animal rescue situations, everything from cats up trees, birds in roof eaves and to the recent real life case of a lamb stranded on the wind-torn slopes of Snowdon.



In fact, the organisation receives a call every 28 seconds to inform them of an animal  on land or in the water that’s in need of their assistance. 

By using the extendable Reach and Rescue pole together with its array of attachments, officers can get to the stricken creature quickly and effectively with minimum risk to their own safety. 

RSPCA Chief Inspector Ben Strangwood said: The RSPCA are pleased to be working with Reach and Rescue and are excited about the benefits that this equipment will bring to officers and animals alike.


“The equipment will improve the health and safety of our officers on the frontline, improve animal welfare as we hope to be able to resolve animal rescues more quickly and efficiently, and provide the officers with modern, bespoke rescue equipment.”

Following the testing phase, the team at Wigan-based Reach and Rescue designed 

the Animal Rescue Pole kits with the RSPCA’s specific requirements in mind.


The rescue kits have been put together complete with the RSPCA’s instantly recognisable logo and now form an essential part of every rescue van’s kit. 

It means officers have the best in rescue and safety equipment at their disposal whenever they need it. 


The team at Reach and Rescue are well-used to working with rescue personnel and the emergency services. More than 70 per cent of the UK’s fire services currently use Reach and Rescue. It’s Portsafe pole, designed especially for water rescue, is currently being trialled by Bedfordshire’s Fire and Rescue Service.

The Reach and Rescue Pole was also the overall winner of the Mersey Innovation Awards 2016. 





Reach and Rescue Director Jo Taylor, said: “We are delighted to be working so closely with an organisation like the RSPCA. The officers are extremely passionate about what they do and will go to all sorts of extremes to ensure animals are safe and well.”

“We wanted to provide them with a piece of equipment that would be lightweight and easy to deploy even in the harshest of conditions, which means they could get to the animal quickly without causing it distress. Crucially, officers will be able to deliver their expert life-saving skills whilst ensuring their own safety is paramount.”

“We look forward to seeing the poles used successfully in animal rescues for many years to come.”




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