A Highlight of Our Super Long Reach Underwater Inspection Camera

Take a Look at the Impressive Capabilities of Our Underwater Inspection Camera

Inspection Camera, Rescue Stick, Surveillance Camera, Water Rescue

This accessory is used to search/inspect underwater or at Heights and Depths that are normally unreachable of up to 17 Metres.

It has a powerful LED torch to illuminate dark enclosures and murky waters. It utilised a power, rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery and displays via a crystal clear 7’’ TFT Display.

Inspection Camera, Selfie Stick, Surveillance Camera, Height Inspection, Camera Pole

The Kit was used by Northern Ireland Police before the G8 Summit for surveillance on the rooftops, without the need to climb ladders due to the poles super long reach, eliminating any risk to the operator.

It is also being used by Rescue teams around the world today, to assist with their Search and Rescue massively. 

View the Product page and Take a more detailed look into the Under Water Search Camera HERE

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