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Sonar Search Frame


"This vital lifesaving equipment is light and versatile and we have trialled it with great success in both the River Lagan and with our rescue boat in coastal environments. We look forward to placing future orders with Reach & Rescue and can recommend this product to all those involved in lifesaving."

- Lagan Search & Rescue


Uses and Applications

To conduct underwater searches for bodies/objects using a sonar attached to the universal frame. Can also be used to search the hulls of boats for bodies/objects that are hard to find using R.O.Vs.


How to Use

Screw the sonar (not included) onto the moveable head attachment using the universal screw holes. Attach the moveable head attachment by sliding it onto the gold collar. This will secure into place with the spring buttons. Place the pole and attachment into the water using the metal wire to tilt the head in the position you require. View your findings via the sonar monitor.


Maintenance and Precautions

The sleeve fitting should be regularly tested on the pole top fitting as damage will prevent the attachment from fitting securely.


Please click on the PDF below to view, download or print a complete datasheet for our Sonar Search Frame.