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Scaff Hook Carrago


Uses and Applications

The Carrago attaches a fixed line and Scaff Hook Carabena to a distant eyelet, allowing heavy retrieval. This is a large, lightweight aluminium carabena for longer-diameter anchor points.


How to Use

This tool attaches to the top collar of any Reach and Rescue pole in the same way as all the other fittings and it is used to reach down, across or upwards to any securing point similar to a harness eyelet. A line is initially attached to the sprung carabena, and once the operator has hooked the target eyelet, the pole is then retrieved. The sprung carabena will subsequently lock onto the target eyelet and pull away, leaving a secure line for retrieval of the object or person.


Maintenance and Precautions
The sleeve fitting should be regularly tested on the pole top fitting as damage will prevent the attachment from fitting securely.
Please click on the PDF below to view, download or print a complete datasheet for our Scaff Hook Carrago.