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SARAid Use the Reach and Rescue Throwbag

Brain Johnson from SARAid has trialled the Reach and Rescue throwbag and is delighted with it!



"I needed this throwline from REACH & Rescue because I needed a longer line (both of my personal lines are 10 and 15 metres long). I used it in a number of dry practice sessions then as "live" kit on a joint training exercise with Avon Fire & Rescue, HM Coastguard, SARaid, BARB, Avon & Somerset Mountain Rescue amongst others, recently.


I found the design of the bag to be useful with restuffing the bag for secondary throws, not too hard to throw (I primarily use traditional tubular throwbags at the monent). The bottom fabric was a change from nylon but didn't affect its use. Would I recommend your throwbags ? Yes. Would I use yours in future training delivery to highlight differences ? Yes, certainly.


Huge thank you for allowing me to trial this throwline. I will be purchasing another for personal/rescue use"