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Reach and Rescue Tools Utilised in a Body Search Yesterday


A Cheshire Search and Rescue team took action in an effort to locate a Human Body in a well over 10M Deep.


A search operation to locate a body was carried out yesterday by Search and Rescue personnel in Cheshire.


With the assistance of the Award Winning Reach and Rescue equipment, the SAR team finished their mission a lot quicker and safer than usual. Through utilising the Reach and Rescue Pole and Inspection Camera, the team avoided any potential risk of falling down the well, which was around 10 Metres deep.


Body Search, Inspection Camera, Long Reach Inspection Camera


The Inspection Cameras LED function illuminated the well so their visibility was exceptional, meaning no search technician had to enter the well with a torch as they could see all the images on screen in detail.


The mission ended with no body found, concluding their search efforts quickly.


Body Search, Inspection Camera, Long Reach Inspection CameraBody Search, Inspection Camera, Long Reach Inspection Camera


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