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An image of Reach and Rescue Ltd's director, Jo Taylor, holding the HIghly Commended Technical Innovation Award at the Seatrade Maritime Awards Middle East
   Oct 29, 2018    0

Reach and Rescue have scooped another innovation award for the unique and revolutionary...

An image displaying the Reach and Rescue team holding the two innovation awards they won at VentureFest 2018 for the unique and versatile telescopic rescue pole
   Oct 09, 2018    0

Reach and Rescue are the forerunners in water rescue innovation – the unique and versatile...

An image dispalying the directors of Reach and Rescue receiving the Merseyside Innovayion Award
   Aug 29, 2018    0

Over the years, it’s fair to say, Reach and Rescue have had their share of recognition in the field of water safety and rescue equipment. Pioneers in both innovation and ingenuity when it comes to...

An image displaying a dog to demonstrate that a dog can be helped by the Reach and Rescue kit for the RSPCA
   Aug 21, 2018    0

The RSPCA, as a society of volunteers and teams of rescuers across...

An image displaying RSPCA Volunteer rescuing a dog
   Aug 13, 2018    0

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was founded nearly two hundred years ago in 1824 in London.  Since its inception the RSPCA...

An image displaying the innovative new life saving Reach and Rescue product, The Portsafe
   Aug 08, 2018    0

In April this year, throw-lines were damaged and other life-saving equipment was vandalised at...

   Aug 02, 2018    0


The piece also contains vital information for any marinas, ports or harbours about the...

   Jul 27, 2018    0


Help Us Save Lives 


Reach and Rescue are asking for your help in letting the gernal public know about this amazing new life saving system, our telescopic rescue...