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   Aug 02, 2018    0


The piece also contains vital information for any marinas, ports or harbours about the...

   Jul 27, 2018    0


Help Us Save Lives 


Reach and Rescue are asking for your help in letting the gernal public know about this amazing new life saving system, our telescopic rescue...

An image displaying the innovative new life saving Reach and Rescue product, The Portsafe
   Jul 23, 2018    0

Over the last few weeks, Reach and Rescue, and our friends and partners, have been screaming the same mantra from the proverbial roof tops in the form of a social media hashtag: #PickUpAPole. ...

   Jul 20, 2018    0

In 2017 alone 600 people died of water related fatalities across the UK’s watercourses and open water areas.  As a result SAR teams and emergency services across the UK have adopted a more...

   Jul 13, 2018    0


Since 2014, the inshore and inland rescue boat grant has...

An image displaying a man suffering from cold water shock
   Jul 09, 2018    0

Shock’ the new water safety video produced by Derbyshire Fire & Rescue will do just that; shock you.  And rightfully so.


An image of the front cover of the new Reach and Rescue catalogue
   Jul 04, 2018    0


The catalogue is our biggest to date and includes new products, information about the innovative telescopic rescue pole, together with all the information you would need to choose the...

An image displaying the Reach and Rescue pole in use in Croatia
   Jul 03, 2018    0

We now serve over 46 countries with our unique and innovative rescue system. Here are some pictures showing the various uses of the pole in many different ways.


An image displaying the logo of Safety & Health Expo at which Reach and Rescue are exhibiting
   Jun 12, 2018    0

The revolutionary and innovative telecsopic pole system, together with many of the attachments, will be on display, with...