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Clamping Float


Uses and Applications 
The Clamping Float is the main flotation device for use with the Reach and Rescue Pole System. Its main function is to support the pole on the surface of the water. The Clamping Float can act as an individual body buoyancy aid.
How to Use 
Open the yellow top section of the Reach and Rescue Pole and insert the pole through the blue collar on the end of the float. Turn the yellow locking sleeve anti-clockwise to secure the float in place. To remove, reverse the process.
Maintenance and Precautions 
Avoid dropping the float onto hard surfaces. Wipe dry after use. Periodically check the thread is clean and grit-free. Clean with warm, soapy water if necessary. Store in Reach and Rescue's Kit Bag. Ensure the locking nut is present on the sleeve.
Please click on the PDF below to view, download or print a complete datasheet for our Clamping Float.