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The Reach and Rescue Pole is an UK Manufactured Award Winning Innovation which has successfully saved many valuable lives around the world. 
The Rescue Poles key function is that it accurately deploys a flotation or other rescue tool to a casualty quickly.





One of the unique features of this system is the compact telescopic design which can be deployed to its maximum potential within seconds, saving valuable time on your rescues.


The Reach and Rescue Pole has a massive 17 Metre Reach capability to save lives from great distances keeping the operator away from the hazard zone.


The poles come in 4 extended lengths;

  • 5 Metre
  • 9 Metre 
  • 13 Metre 
  • 17 Metre


All poles come with multi-functional attachments making the pole super versatile for many different rescue applications. 


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Our Rescue Poles are manufactured using multiple layers of the highest grade carbon fibre giving the system outstanding strength, rigidity and light weight.


Having a lightweight but strong system gives the users control and confidence in the pole which ensures accuracy and speed in vital rescues.



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Carbon Composite Telescopic Poles