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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we know it works?

We know our Rescue system does the job it’s designed to do, because it has already saved many lives. The pole is currently being used by around 75% of the Fire and Rescue services in the UK and being distributed around the world. We also have many testimonials which support the success of our Rescue system which can be found on our YouTube or Client Reviews section of the website. 


How fast can it be assembled?

Our Rescue system can extend from 5m to a huge 17m in only a matter of seconds which is much more swift and reliable than the existing throw and retrieve techniques. Due to the simplicity of our system, the Rescue pole can be deployed, extended and retrieved in less than 40 seconds which is much faster than inflating a fire hose allowing the team extra valuable minutes to bring the victim to safety. 


What other rescue uses does the Reach and Rescue Pole have?

The Rescue Pole can be used for many different scenarios. It can rescue animals from ice, water and mud horizontally and vertically as a high reach method of delivering Rescue aids direct to the casualty in question. Due to the many different attachments Reach and Rescue have to offer, you will always find many more capabilities with the pole through its versatility. 


Who are Reach & Rescue?

6 Years ago Reach and Rescue were formed in response to a need for an innovative rescue system. We attracted the interest of a leading Fire and Rescue service who challenged us to provide an effective solution to save lives whilst protecting the rescuer during water incidents. We then created the World’s Longest Telescopic Reach Pole. It was a success, and now we supply our Rescue Pole to various different industries around the globe. 


Who makes the poles?

We are a UK manufacturer that has a dedicated team who build our Rescue Systems in our factory based in Merseyside. As the manufacturer of this product, we can ensure all products are tested for quality giving the maximum performance for rescuing and offer an amazing lifetime guarantee to support this. 


Why is this better than the throw bags?

The Reach and Rescue Pole is a much more effective option to any other method because it delivers the Rescue Aid with 1st attempt success whilst also keeping the operator safe and out the danger zone. This is due to the pole being unaffected by wind or current which provides consistent accuracy in finding the victim.


You lose valuable time retrieving the line through inaccurate throws (using a Throwbag) but you also need the victim to be conscious and mobile to be retrieved. The Reach and Rescue Pole can retrieve mobile or immobile victims, which is a necessity in saving lives.