• Water Rescue
  • Utilizing the Reach and Rescue Pole system to safely and securely rescue
  • Offshore Rescue Poles
  • Animal Rescue with Pro Snare Attachment
  • Rescue with Wading Pole
  • .
  • Water Rescue with Flotation Collar
  • Line Hook in Action
  • Fire and Rescue
  • Boat tether procedure using Reach and Rescue Pole
  • Rapid Rescue
  • We are the Proud Winners of the MIA 2016



All of the reach and rescue products listed are made here in the UK by a selection of manufacturing specialists and assembled and quality checked at our premises in the North West of England.





Product Lifetime Guarantees

We want you to have complete confidence in every product you buy from us. So, we think the best way for us to give you that is by standing by our product promise for as long as you have it. We give a strong 12 month warranty on construction of products. We also give you a Life Time Guarantee for all the products!






What our customers say

"We used the Reach and Rescue Poles in a difficult recovery of a body from the River Liffey and the Poles and attachments all came into play during the recovery."

James McConnell, Civil Defence Officer, Dublin City and County




Worldwide Distributors

After 5 years of development and partnerships we are now proud our equipment and philosophy has been adopted in 23 countries worldwide. Reaching out to save lives around the world. We are constantly looking for new partners. If you would like more information on becoming a distributor, contact us here.





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Industries we supply to around the world



This incredibly versatile range of rescue equipment is being used in a large variety of industries around the world.


See here to find out if your industry is one we already supply to and how we do it.




Downloads & Resources

At Reach and Rescue, we want you to have everything you need to make an informed decision and operate your equipment effectively. That's why we have compiled a vast portfolio of downloadable resources for your help and guidance. These include brochures, Catalogues, Maintenance and Datasheets.





Why use Poles to rescue?

The Reach and Rescue Poles are a range of specialist, super long telescopic pole tools that make distant retrieval much easier for todays rescuers.


All Reach and Rescue Poles give you

  • Improved Operator Safety
  • Up to 60ft Rescue Radius
  • Accurate Deployment
  • Faster Retrieval
  • Simplicity or Operation
  • Huge Capability
  • Feet on the ground. No need to enter the water.
  • Poles extend to 60ft length.
  • Poles not affected adversely by wind or current.
  • Extending and collapsing of poles is very quick.
  • Easy concept. Minimal Training.
  • Many different pole end rescue tools to choose.